Digital Reskilling through Adaptive Learning

As organisations come out of lockdown and look to post-pandemic recovery the need for digital skills has never been greater.

3PD’s Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP) provides personalised and scalable learning in critical digital competencies. Underpinned by global research, these competencies upskill leaders and staff for success in a post-Covid digital era.

Our Adaptive Learning Platform combines AI and experiential learning techniques to:

  • Build organisational competitiveness by developing critical digital competencies
  • Deliver ‘learning journeys’ tailored to a learner’s needs, and also scalable learning to include many people at the same time – significantly improving RoI
  • Provide remote, contactless and high impact digital transformation coaching and advice

We believe organisations must ’reset’ their approach to, and investments in, existing learning solutions and systems. Organisations must find new ways to rapidly future proof their workforces.

Australian organisations are underperforming on critical measures of digital competitiveness, including our levels of digital skills, our focus on employee training, and our organisational agility. Our view is that organisational reskilling is both urgent and important for future success. Equally, we believe current learning initiatives are ‘not fit’ to address current challenges.

We believe reskilling efforts must focus on building-up both ‘digital resilience’ and ‘digital competitiveness’. Our analysis of current organisational learning needs and best practices has identified critical attributes required for learning solutions to be effective.

3PD’s ALP addresses five attributes to deliver rapid, affordable and effective reskilling:

  • Contemporary: Access to ‘right-up-to-date’ digital content, tools, methods, and insights
  • Personalised: Tailored learning journeys and intelligent recommendations for advancing learner skills
  • Experiential: Learning through doing, reflection and feedback. Supported by online coaching, and 180 feedback
  • Scalable: Suitable for individuals and cohorts across organisational levels
  • Impactful: Skills-based and business focused learning that improve strategy execution

Our Adaptive Learning Platform

Our Expertise

  • Impart Agile Transformation and Digital WoW skills to support Digital Transformation

  • Upskill organisation in change management and Agile practices to enable customer experience transformation

  • Design, deliver and measure learning initiatives to improve firm productivity

  • Design and deliver advanced MBA to upskill business leaders in Digital Strategy & Operations

Our Digital Content Areas: Skills for the ‘Contactless’ Economy

  • Build technical, social and collaboration skills for operating in a 'remote world' and be productive in organisation ecosystems

  • Use disruptive technologies to solve complex problems and reinvent business models

  • Use 'Agile' and 'Enterprise Agile' processes and techniques to drive organisational agility and deliver large-scale organisational change

Our Digital Content Areas: Skills for the ‘Contactless’ Economy

  • Use innovation and design thinking to rapidly develop new products and customer experiences, and deliver game-changing outcomes

  • Use data, AI and Machine Learning to enhance decision-making, drive operational efficiencies, and maximise workforce value

  • Detect, avoid, and manage different levels of cyber threats to protect data, devices and systems

At 3 Points Digital we have the expertise, experience and proven methods to design and implement based on your needs and organisational readiness. Above all, our services are relevant.

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