Energy and Utilities

Digital technology is driving a significant transition in Energy & Utilities. Energy providers face increasing deregulation and privatisation, resulting in competitive pressures and previously captive customers wanting alternatives. The increasing impact of viable renewable substitutes on their operations and economics, and the demand for increased system resilience are forcing a hard rethink.

We see three major challenges for providers:

  • The rise of the 'prosumer' will force the creation of an ecosystem.
  • More affordable renewable energy (e.g. solar PV, wind, storage etc.) will change infrastructure deployment and operations.
  • Imminent ageing workforce creates the need to rethink and rebuild the talent pool.

We believe organisations should accelerate their transition to a sustainable ‘Energy Integrator’, featuring rich customer experience and resilient infrastructure.

This sector will go through a once in a generation change, with government asset sales, lower renewable energy cost and great certainty of supply. Smart appliances will become ubiquitous in homes. Connected appliances will be controlled and monitored by third parties.

Energy companies need to orchestrate inclusive ecosystems and create marketplaces for new energy markets.

We believe companies in this sector require strategies with the following attributes:

  • Richer customer experience
  • Marketplaces for new energy markets
  • Greater convergence with others in the Value Chain
  • Organisational flexibility

Issues and Trends in Energy and Utilities

Our Experience

  • Designed a new customer experience and online market place for a large Australian Utility.

  • Designed and delivered a leadership program across NSW Government; including Digital Mindset, Future of Work and Diversity of Thinking.

  • Delivered a Sales & Marketing omni-channel strategy and operating model, improving NBA, customer engagement and revenue for a large Australian Telco.

At 3 Points Digital we have the expertise, experience and proven methods to design and implement based on your needs and organisational readiness. Above all, our services are relevant.

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