Health & Social Services

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Three lifestyle choices (smoking, physical activity and nutrition) drive four conditions (cancer, diabetes, heart & lung disease) that result in >50% mortality and consume 80% of our healthcare budget.

With an ageing population, plus the needs of the disabled and homeless, the case for clever integration of Australia’s healthcare and social services has never been stronger.

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

For all stakeholders there are three major issues placing stress on the Health and Social Services System:

  • An ageing population with a rise in chronic diseases
  • Greater demand for wellness, preventative and self-determined care
  • Massive inefficiencies with handoffs between parties and unsustainable costs to serve

At 10% of our GDP ($161bn) and growing, the health system needs innovation and greater efficiencies to be sustainable.

Paper use, and poor application of data is pervasive in Australia’s >1,200 hospitals leading to 6 errors per admission . At 28% of hospital processes being digital, our ‘digital care’ is significantly lower than other countries.

AI and automation – from simple to complex applications – present a significant opportunity for improved services and reduced cost.

Better informed patients, decentralised budgets and integrated care should allow individuals to take control of their own health and wellbeing, at the same time lifting participation and productivity.

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

We believe all parties (government, private and not-for-profit) involved in delivering health and social services need to anchor their investments in four areas:

  • Patient-led care
  • Value-based and integrated care
  • AI Applications
  • Scaling Innovation

Issues and Trends in Health & Social Services

Our Experience

  • Worked with a leading Australian Health agency to generate insights from unstructured data which helped with improved patient insight and assisted with proactive care.

  • Designed the AI Strategy, 2 Year Roadmap, and implemented a Virtual Assistant in the contact centres for a large Australian Telco.

  • Designed and delivered a leadership program across NSW Government; including Digital Mindset, Future of Work and Diversity of Thinking.

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