Industrial and Consumer Products

It has become easier and cheaper for suppliers and consumers to transact in global, online marketplaces, at lower cost, than ever before.

Platform-based companies, such as Amazon, are fundamentally changing the economics of the consumer market with their aspiration to be the ‘Everything Store’.

Intensified competition is driving down prices, increasing choice, and forcing incumbents to rethink their whole business model, and ways of working.

Source: ‘The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon’. Brad Stone 2013

We see four major issues impacting industrial and consumer products companies:

  • New consumer habits and expectations are changing consumer attitudes toward brands and brand loyalty
  • The path to purchase is becoming more complex due to digitally empowered consumers
  • New and emerging competitors are increasing competitive intensity
  • Disconnected customer experience competing with increasing expectations

The competitive barriers are down, the consumer has increased choice, and a variety of new players have entered the market offering differentiated products and services.

The fundamental economics of commerce have changed in our now globally connected, digital world.

‘White Goods’ manufacturers are becoming leasing companies, car makers are becoming mobility service providers, lines are blurring between roles.

Market leaders have a greater insight to consumers’ behaviour and capacity to pay, take ‘friction’ out of their supply chains, and have rethought their business models to unlock new ‘pools of value’.

We believe companies require strategies that embrace the following concepts:

  • Consumer Insight
  • Frictionless Supply Chains
  • Omni Channel
  • Highly Adaptive Organisations

Issues and Trends in Industrial and Consumer Products

Our Experience

  • Designed a Platforms-based strategy, architecture, data strategy and security for consumer products business.

  • Delivered a Sales & Marketing omni-channel strategy and operating model, improving NBA, customer engagement and revenue for a large Australian Telco.

  • Designed and implemented a ‘whole of enterprise’ Agile program, delivering new skills and new ways of working for a leading Australian bank.

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