Public Sector

Over the last decade many government agencies have spent considerable time and money ‘digitizing the core’: putting services on line and generally improving access to government for citizens.

While progress has been made, there are significant opportunities to fundamentally change how government works, reduce costs and integrate the services delivered to the community.

We see four major issues impacting governments:

  • Citizens demanding improved, more responsive and integrated services
  • Keeping pace with innovation across all aspects government
  • Policy setting for economic development and job creation
  • Cost reduction through AI, automation and multi-cloud environments

We are beyond putting forms online. Now is the time to fundamentally rethink how a government service can be designed for speed, convenience, integrity and efficiency.

The removal of duplication and waste in internal processes through AI/Automation, flattened hierarchies, and smaller teams across departments and jurisdictions becomes critical. Government needs good policy setting, incentives and regulatory processes to encourage individuals and businesses to shift.

Government needs open, shared, secure and real-time data for improved decision making while at the same time giving citizens confidence in who sees their personal data or might use that data for what purpose.

We believe the following characteristics need to be considered in every government department’s, or agency’s, digital strategy:

  • Design for seamless, integrated services
  • Shift to Digital
  • Digital Ways of Working
  • Data Value Chain

Issues and Trends in Public Sector

Our Experience

  • Designed and delivered a leadership program across NSW Government; including Digital Mindset, Future of Work and Diversity of Thinking.

  • Designed and delivered a cultural transformation for a global reinsurer – from frontline staff to executives.

  • Delivered a Data and AI strategy transforming capture, use and services across enterprise for a leading Australian financial institution.

At 3 Points Digital we have the expertise, experience and proven methods to design and implement based on your needs and organisational readiness. Above all, our services are relevant.

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