Telco, Media & Entertainment

Businesses in this sector were the first to be disrupted by digital technologies some 5 years ago, and are now entering the second wave of disruption. In Australia, decades of monopolistic behaviour by incumbents has given way to a host of agile, faster moving new entrants, whether it be mobile phone providers, online content aggregators, or companies streaming music and quality entertainment.

We see four major issues impacting most businesses:

  • Increased threat of Over The Top (OTT) and low cost providers in mobile
  • Customer distrust from privacy breaches and misuse use of personal data
  • Increased competition and low switching costs benefitting consumers
  • Spend is shifting IT as a Service, Cloud & Software

We believe most institutions should be on to their second wave of being digital. Yet, many haven’t received returns from the first wave.

The competitive barriers are down, the consumer has increasing choice in higher quality content, and the new Network roll-out (NBN, 5G, SDN/NFV) is past its tipping point, providing ubiquitous access to content faster, and at a lower cost.

Many entities have strategic initiatives underway but they lack coherence, have a poor ROIC, or are not delivering the service customers are demanding.

Greater personalisation of the customer base to address real needs, combined with greater productivity and reduced costs in operations through AI, and automation will be required to outgrow the market.

The sustainability of many businesses in this sector is questionable. Those that survive will develop the following attributes:

  • Customer Experience
  • Focus on Content
  • Working a B2B2C Ecosystem
  • Agile & Responsive

Issues and Trends in Telco, Media & Entertainment

Our Experience

  • Designed the AI Strategy, 2 Year Roadmap, and implemented a Virtual Assistant in the contact centres for a large Australian Telco

  • Delivered a Sales & Marketing omni-channel strategy and operating model, improving NBA, customer engagement and revenue for a large Australian Telco.

  • Designed and implemented a ‘whole of enterprise’ Agile program, delivering new skills and new ways of working for a leading Australian bank.

At 3 Points Digital we have the expertise, experience and proven methods to design and implement based on your needs and organisational readiness. Above all, our services are relevant.

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