Our Method

The secret is in execution: how the new technologies combine to serve your goals or purpose, and whether your people are able and willing to adopt them.

Leaders adopting a digital mindset is at the core of our methodology.

Our method is immersive, agile and experiential, anchored on four stages: Discover, Apply, Create, Optimise.

We adapt the proven Design Thinking ‘Double Diamond’ tools to the four stages; diverging and converging in our joint thinking to ensure we explore all opportunities and address all challenges.

The first three stages are typically each 2 to 4 weeks long, with a clear outcome and deliverables after each.

The Optimisation stage is where we work with you to embed the new strategies, further develop the Minimum Viable Products (MVP) /Proof of Concepts (PoC) and support the shift in culture and talent.

Common understanding of the opportunities and challenges
Agreed strategic initiatives and an implementation plan
Strategic digital initiatives applied and tested
Continuous refinement of strategic initiatives in execution

Business Value

  • What is the customer experience and revenue models?
  • What is the competitive position of the business?
  • What is the cost and use of channels for customers and suppliers?

Organisational Alignment

  • What is the organisation’s capacity to shift to a digital future?
  • What are the enabling and operational costs?
  • Where are the key gaps in leadership, skills and talent?

Emerging Technology

  • What is the maturity in creating insights from data?
  • What is the maturity and costs of technology footprint?
  • What does the ‘sustain model’ look like?