Our Promise & People

We are your digital transformation partner.

We co-design a coherent, costed set of strategic initiatives, a ‘blueprint’ for revisions to your technology and business model, and a comprehensive plan to prepare your people for the digital future.

We work with you at the intersection of business value, organisational alignment, and emerging technology to create sustainable transformation.

Our definition of 'digital'



Organisations are rushing to do ‘more digital’, spending vast amounts of time and money on ‘digital transformations’.

But what does the term ‘digital’ really mean?

For some it’s about ‘digitisation’ of business processes, or to do with technology and network communications. Others think of it as faster and more convenient ways to engage with customers.

Confusion in the meaning of ‘digital’, leads to misalignment in leadership teams, misguided efforts, missed opportunities, and poor returns for the capital invested. We see the term ‘digital’ in a much broader context. We see ‘digital’ as a state of being, rather than something to do.

For us, ‘digital’ means: Being willing to adopt a ‘digital mindset’. Being willing to review and change your business model, the way you serve customers, and your ways of working to execute your strategic aspirations.

By adopting this mindset, leaders and staff can take full advantage of the amazing opportunities being presented by emerging technologies.

Our promise to our customers

We work with you at the intersection of business value, organisational alignment, and emerging technology to create sustainable transformation.

We are disruptive yet pragmatic – we bring leading expertise to deliver fit-for purpose ’digital’ solutions. We help you make your plans real.

We are altruistic and profitable – we create business and social impact as part of everything we do, every day.

We help you to visualise and tell compelling strategic stories to lead digital transformations for customers and staff.

Our promise to our people

We work on edgy projects, and deliver on our purpose every day. You are part of a progressive strategy business embedding fun, meaning and impact in all we do.

We work in multi-disciplinary squads incorporating three skill sets: strategic thinking, organisation behaviour & change, and emerging technology.

We build our people’s capacity and capability through structured learning programs, and on the job coaching. We offer employee ownership and transparency in business performance.

We are committed to building sustainable digital capacity in our communities to improve life experiences and help break entrenched disadvantage. Our key focus areas include education for the indigenous, unemployed youth, and refugees.


Andrew Johnstone-Burt

An innovative strategist, expert in designing and leading real organisational transformation in the public and private sector.


Phillip Mottram

A leading authority on people & culture, a specialist in leadership and adult learning, and helping clients design the workforce of the future.


Joyer Mascarenhas

A pragmatic strategist, helping clients develop actionable initiatives for the adoption of emerging technologies, AI and automation.