Business Value

We help our clients apply the secrets behind the network effect that has made the new ‘born in the cloud’, disruptive businesses so successful. Our method is immersive, agile and experiential. It is delivered through four stages in sprints.

We use personalisation and visualisation techniques so ideas are better understood, shared and communicated. We provide objective and independent advice, and we test strategies through experimentation.

We co-design, develop and deliver value to the business through three offerings:

Business Value Services

Digital Strategy & Roadmap

Why Its Important

AI, robotics and automation are dramatically reshaping the global economy. However, enterprises are only receiving between 40c and $1.20 in every $1 spent on ‘digital’ initiatives. Much of the reason for this poor return is a failure to execute a compelling and coherent digital strategy. Such a strategy realises value by: creating new customer experiences, using the right new technologies, and preparing the organisation for the future - all at the same time.

Why Us

At 3 Points Digital, we are helping clients adapt the newest technologies to fundamentally change the way they work. From delivering faster customer service to better quality products and efficient operations. AI, robotics and automation provide enormous value for organisations that adopt them at scale. But this requires integral thinking and effective facilitation. Our consultants work in integrated teams or squads and have the experience and skills across strategy, culture and technology.


Our approach looks at all challenges and opportunities from three specific vantage points at the same time, to deliver real insight and strong intent. Our four sprint methodology, tools, and agile way of working ensures diversity of thinking and client engagement. Our independent and objective advice helps you address difficult strategic choices. This ensures significant business opportunities, such as, accessing new markets, driving new revenue streams, freeing up cash, and reducing fixed costs are realised.

What We Deliver

We deliver a Digital Strategy & Roadmap.

This output includes a set of coherent, costed strategic initiatives, a ‘blueprint’ for revisions to your business model, and a comprehensive assessment of your talent’s readiness for the future.

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