Emerging Technology

We help our clients discover a fast, safe path to the use of emerging technologies aligned to creation of value for the business and the organisation’s capacity to adopt the change in ways of working.

We reduce technical debt, we work with you to embed new platforms, and further develop the Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) or Proof of Concepts (PoCs). We provide objective and independent advice, and test strategies through experimentation.

We co-design, develop and deliver value to the business through three offerings:

Emerging Technology Services

Deliver Platforms Architecture

Why Its Important

Many businesses are struggling with technical debt. They are servicing legacy systems at the expense of investing in emerging technologies. Incorporating technologies like AI, automation and orchestrated multi-cloud workloads into a highly governed Enterprise Architecture can be challenging. Building an adaptive Platforms Architecture and developing a program to fund your architectural currency is critical for the longer-term success of any organisation or business.

Why Us

We bring 'our warts-and-all' experience to create a Platforms Architecture that delivers you a living and adapting ecosystem. We believe organisations need multiple capability-rich, modular and right-sized hyper-converged workloads that work together with the right mix of security, governance and flexibility. Modularity enables new capability and innovation to be 'dropped in', or brought in 'as a service'. It provides you a set of platforms that stay current and deliver optimal ROI.


We work with your team to explore your current tech and data landscape. We assess your core applications, integration techniques, data engineering, reporting & analytical approaches, information governance, DevOps tool-chains. We also review your approach to managing new requirements and/or delivering new capabilities.

We overlay your business initiatives, funding capacity, organisational skills, cultural barriers and your current software license agreements.

What We Deliver

We deliver a Platforms Architecture: a layered, integrated, open, componentised, and secure set of artefacts.

This is supplemented by a detailed execution plan outlining the steps you need to take to change your Digital Quotient.

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