Organisational Alignment

We help our clients explore and design how humans & machines will best work together in your organisational context.

We work with clients to discover and build future-focussed skills to prepare individuals for the future of work, and we help client teams to reorganise and behave in ways that are 'agile, resilient and collaborative'.

We co-design, develop and deliver strategies and solutions through three offerings that target the needs of individuals, teams, and the broader organisation:

Organisational Alignment Services

Embrace Digital Ways of Working

Why Its Important

The research is clear! By 2030, what we do in every job will have changed. Smart use of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation will have reduced the need for human workers to undertake routine, manual tasks. Instead, over the next 10—15 years, workers will spend increasingly more time and effort interacting with people, solving problems with support from AI, and thinking creatively.

Why Us

At 3 Points Digital, we have the psychologists, creatives, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Organisation Design (OD) experts to redesign jobs, as automation and AI take on major tasks. We work with you to understand specific 'pain points' in 'bringing new attributes to life' We work with you to become a human & machine enterprise. We co-design desired attributes (e.g. 'working out loud', agility, courage) and team models (e.g. leaderless teams) to create the biggest impact to your performance.


Using our four stage methodology, we apply specific tools and agile ways of working. We co-design and iterate the right workforce solutions for your context.

We bring an integrated and data driven approach to ensure the impact of emerging technologies, such as AI, on work is clearly understood, new jobs and teams are appropriately designed, skills programs are sourced, and pragmatic plans established to support workforce transitions.

What We Deliver

We deliver Digital Ways of Working for individuals and teams.

This output comprises a 'future-back' roadmap of initiatives to help you embed new behaviours, processes and skills into your workforce. We include recommendations for enhancing employee experience, and creating specific new 'habits' that will make the biggest difference.

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